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At Matters of Taste our mission is to make the world a little smaller, by connecting you to the growers and culinary inspiration you need to infuse your meals with love and create Food Worth Falling For.
Produce Boxes

WA grown fruit and vegetables for Perth home cooks. Fresh seasonal produce grown on family-run farms, direct from Manjimup. Be passionate about your environment, support small business and feed your loved-ones food packed with goodness.

Food Tours

Experience outstanding Australian food travel adventures. Tours that deepen your connection to this country; meet the characters who are shaping the future of our food and travel with like-minded people who share your passion.

The Cooks Collective

Be a part of our food community and join others who delight in cooking. Matters of Taste’s Collective is brimming with Tracey’s much-loved recipes and kitchen know-how. Every day, experience the joy of creating something delicious.


Discover useful articles written for local cooks like you. Cooking ideas, kitchen inspiration, and fresh nutritional insights, you’ll even meet Western Australian growers and learn about the future of farming. Revel in becoming more connected to your food in a meaningful way.

Life's too short for mundane food.

At Matters of Taste, we believe your relationship with food should be a love affair. Connected, passionate, and fulfilling. And like all great love stories ours begins with a connection. A special one, between you (the people of Western Australia) and the local growers who produce our food. From there we craft inspiring recipes and tutorials to spark creativity and fill your kitchen with passion.

Finally, the fulfilment comes from knowing that when you shop with Matters of Taste, you’re helping the environment, supporting small business, and becoming part of a community on a mission to make the world a little smaller in a meaningful way.  

Share the love and experience food worth falling for with Matters of Taste. 

Farm produce, delivered


Your produce box is a direct link to the local farmers who grow your food. From all over WA, these farmers are the people who bring us the fresh, seasonal produce that we deliver to your door (or you can click and collect from ours). Choose from a curated produce box or order the fresh produce and groceries you need.

Gourmet food experiences


There’s nothing better than embarking on an incredible food adventure; a whole trip dedicated to your love of food. These gourmet experiences serve up unforgettable meals, take you to the farms that grow your produce, and introduce you to the people who are shaping the future of our food. This year get to know your food a little better. 

For the love of food


When people join together on a collective mission, magic happens. And,we believe in magic. Over at the Matters of Taste Collective, our mission is to join together in our passion for good food. The food that makes memories. The meals that are the greatest gift. This is the place for those who know that food is so much more than fuel; food is worth falling for.

Blog Articles

The place to gather food inspiration, cooking ideas, and fresh nutritional insights. Then there’s the chance to get to know your grower a little better. This blog is a collection of our passionate food stories.