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Chicken - Pasture Raised 4-piece pack approx 1.5kg

Chicken - Pasture Raised 4-piece pack approx 1.5kg

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Premium Fresh Pasture Raised Chicken pieces - Galloway Springs Bridgetown W.A.

A whole chicken, broken down into 2 x breasts with wings, skin on, boneless and 2 x Maryland (drumstick and thigh) bone-in, skin-on. 

Every fortnight we receive a delivery on Friday morning direct from farm. If your order is for one of these days, you'll receive the product fresh. Otherwise if stock is showing available, it will be provided frozen, separated into 4 portions 

These birds are given the freedom to fossick in the grass searching for grubs, they enjoy dust baths in the summer and generally live how chickens like to, outside in the fresh air. Specially designed chicken trailers are moved daily to provide the chooks with fresh pasture (which they assist in regenerating).

The chickens are fed a special gut-friendly food to keep them well and negate the use of any external medication. Good for them - good for you.

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