Why should I shop with Matters of Taste?

Many, many reasons and benefits!

We are not a meal box business. You get to choose what food items you purchase and know where they've come from. We are a viable alternative to shopping with the big guys.

We buy from suppliers we can count on as we know them personally - this means you always have a reliable source of food.

Matters of Taste has been a trusted family run and owned business in Perth since 1997.

There's a wide variety of items for you to choose from. The Providore is continually added to as we discover new items we know you'll love.

All our meat, poultry and fish are delivered fresh, not frozen.

Our fresh F&V are collected on the morning you get your delivery. You can't get fresher than that! Fresh = flavour and nutrition.

We recycle much of our packaging. You can even purchase your own, personalised Waste Warrior Pack!

Close attention is paid to each and every item going into your order. If we aren't happy with it, you won't be charged.

You get the added benefit of Tracey's 40 years of cooking and food knowledge with recipes and resources for your own kitchen, direct from hers.

Choice of delivery early or later in the week to suit you. Or even order twice a week to top up!

You'll virtually eliminate plastic packaging from your fruit and vegetable purchases as the majority comes direct from farm - Southern Forests fresh.

You'll be supporting local farmers and businesses and boosting the local economy.

You'll be assisting sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Local food is fresher and healthier, as it is harvested at the peak of its ripeness and does not need to be preserved for long periods of time.

Buying locally means that you are supporting the use of sustainable farming practices and the preservation of local farmland.

Overall, buying food locally is a great way to support your community and the environment while enjoying delicious and nutritious food.

Where does the produce come from?

We keep it local, so as much as possible is is grown in Western Australia. The majority of fresh fruit and vegetables are grown on family farms in and around Manjimup (WA’s southern forests region), our south west and great southern areas.

From farm gate to your home averages 2 to 3 days, supermarkets can take up to 12 days!

Fruits that cannot be grown in our south, like bananas, come from Carnarvon. The Gascoyne also provides us with select items when they are out of season down south.

All meat and poultry is from Western Australia as is fresh fish, unless otherwise stated.

Check out the product description for the most up-to-date info.

What's in the Farmers Choice Boxes?

The selection of fruit and vegetables in our range of Farmer's Choice boxes comes pre-packed to us from our friends in Manjimup. It's seasonal so is super-fresh and forever changing.

Check out the product pages for the newest list updated every Saturday morning:

How much is delivery and where do you deliver to?

Head on over to our Delivery/Pick Up page for a list of suburbs on our route and charges.

If you live in 12 suburbs surrounding Bicton, there's no delivery charge. Further out in our delivery areas you'll pay just $9.90.

If you have any questions about delivery or pick up, please contact us!

Am I locked into a contract?

No - simply order what you need when you need it.

Do I need to be home if I'm getting my box delivered?

That's fine if you can't be there, plenty of our customers aren't home when we deliver.

We deliver in a refrigerated vehicle and perishables are packed in reusable thermal bags with ice blocks to maintain low temperatures.

Your purchase is your responsibility once delivered, so it’s ideal if it can be dealt with and put away, especially during the summer months, as soon as possible.

We’ll text as we drop off your produce to let you know it's safely there.

How do I get a wooden crate?

You can purchase a wooden crate that will be for your use exclusively. Our wooden crates are built in Manjimup from locally sourced sustainable pine; they’re then sanded and marked with your name. A reusable thermal cover is part of the package. You also have the choice to purchase a reusable woollen liner, which assists in keeping the produce in pristine condition.

Ideally you should have two crates, especially if you chose the delivery option. Simply place the empty crate on your doorstep for us to collect as we deliver your fresh order. OR return your crate to Bicton before your next delivery day so we can pack your next order. Remember, your crate and cover are for your use only. 

What's a Waste Warrior set?

We're serious about waste reduction here at Matters of Taste. That's why we've spent time sourcing great, reusable products to help to keep your produce fresh and cool. Check out the package here.

Do you recycle?

Yes, we’re very passionate about recycling. We can re-use the cardboard boxes, thermal bags and ice blocks so please return either to Bicton when you pick-up, or leave it out where your box is to be delivered so we can collect it. Compostable bags and brown paper bags are used for some produce and both are compostable in your home bins. Plastic punnets (we are continually searching for eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives) can be recycled in your yellow lid council bins.