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Pastry - Carême selection 375gm frozen

Pastry - Carême selection 375gm frozen

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Carême was founded in the Barossa Valley in 2005 to supply an artisan range of high-quality, preservative-free, butter pastry products to home cooks and professionals.

Claire and William Wood's premium pastry is made using traditional methods with all-natural ingredients that create an unparalleled flavour, texture and lift.

Sour Cream Shortcrust - use for savoury and sweet purposes. Tarts, quiche, pies, pasties, hand-held pies.

Butter Puff - use for when you want a big lift, or layers of flaky crisp pastry. Mille Feuille, Sausage Rolls, Portuguese Custard Tarts, Pie Lids, Spanakopita (in place of filo).

Spelt Puff not stocked.

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