A fascinating and delicious trip to the countryside in mid-winter, donning beanies, scarves and boots to unearth the worlds most expensive food ingredient.

This one-of-a-kind tour is dedicated to truffles, and it’s fully immersive. Time to switch off and allow yourself to become completely absorbed in each unique experience.

Tour Dates

Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th June 2024

  • The Food

    You will be fully energized for truffle hunting during this food tour! Rest assured, no one goes hungry when journeying with us. Each plate placed in front of you at breakfast, lunch and dinner showcases local cuisine, allowing you to savour delicious flavours from fresh nutritious ingredients with every bite. Superb, freshly cooked meals are all served with the familiar warmth and countryside hospitality typical of the Southern Forests.

  • The People

    Meet people for whom truffle growing is a way of life. Spend a fascinating afternoon on the hunt for truffles. This property is where it all began in Manjimup, and we are privileged to be granted exclusive access to this private trufferie.

    A country-style dinner is cooked by one of the regions most-loved chefs. Food is matched to award-winning wines from a Pemberton vineyard. We'll introduce you to the owner who is a great entertainer!

  • The Place

    Discover the intricate process of nurturing these prized fungi from inoculation to harvest. As you wander through the orchard, you'll learn about the symbiotic relationship between truffles and trees, you'll be given insights into the art of hunting truffles and the sensory experience of identifying aromas and flavours. You'll leave with a deep appreciation for the dedication and skill required to cultivate these culinary treasures.