Experience the wonders of rural Manjimup and Pemberton, where flavours come alive and fresh food reigns supreme.ย 

Embark on a food adventure like no other. This is a down-to-earth, bespoke experience.ย  It's in the pristine Southern Forests agricultural region that the most flavoursome fruit, nuts and vegetables are grown. The farming methods are modern, yet based on old-fashioned understanding of how to work in harmony with the land to produce stunning results.

Tour Dates

Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th March 2024

  • The Food

    This is a tour which will have you returning home full of vigour as every mouthful you take will be packed with nutrients. Real fresh food is grown with care for the health of the consumers and the land. You'll be able to taste it.

    Early varieties of new season apples are ready for harvesting, avocados still hang on trees, grapes are sweetening to be made into wine and kiwi's are ripe to be picked.

    The end of summer offers an abundance of produce in this region.

  • The People

    Farmers are still busy, yet generously welcome us onto their properties to host our private tours.

    They enjoy meeting our groups as much as we love introducing them to you!

    These men and women have a richness of experience and genuine enjoyment in what they do.

    It's an opportunity to get yourself in front of primary producers and learn about where food comes from and what it takes to get it onto your plate.

  • The Place

    With its' rich soil, fresh water and temperate weather, this is a perfect place to grow quality fresh produce.

    100% grass-fed beef is produced on a farm we'll visit in Pemberton. Multi-species grass is grown with the assistance of a natural water source irrigated through a huge pivot.

    Protected by the forest, many pests are kept out so little manmade intervention is needed, and regenerative farming is reaping rewards.