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Sauce - Chipotle in Adobe 200gm (Mexico)

Sauce - Chipotle in Adobe 200gm (Mexico)

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A popular ingredient to infuse smoky Mexican flavours into your dishes.

Fresh Jalapeno chillies are smoked to become Chipotle peppers or chillis. They have a distinctive fruity flavour and smoky aroma. These chillis are then rehydrated in a sweet and tangy tomato sauce with the addition of  vinegar, garlic, and other spices. The sauce has balance and body and does have some heat that can be tamed with dairy, or used in double quantities depending on your personal heat threshold.

Use what you need, blend the rest and freeze in ice cube tray. Release from tray once hard and store in snap lock bag to use when you need to add a bit of pizzaz to your south American or Mexican cooking.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do with Chipotle in Adobo.

  • Mix with mayonnaise and sour cream for a subtly smoky crema to drizzle over tacos. 
  • Add a couple of spoonfulls to chilli con carne when cooking for a lovely smoky warmth.
  • Perfect to infuse re-fried beans with some sweet, smoky heat.
  • Add to chorizo when frying for a fab topping to a Spanish Omelette or in tacos.
  • Great smeared on bread for an egg or chicken sandwich.
  • Add to a BBQ sauce to amp up the flavour hit.
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