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Milk - Whipping Cream

Milk - Whipping Cream

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Multi-award-winning Fresh Cream is made only from premium quality fresh milk, perfect for pouring or whipping to compliment your favourite desserts.

Sue and Mat Daubney Bannister Downs Dairy, Northcliffe WA

This cream in our opinion, is simply the freshest and best tasting on the market plus it's chocca full of health benefits due to the cows wellbeing on the farm. Relaxed happy cows with rich feed who come into the dairy to be milked when they need. Nature knows best!

Packed in award-winning Ecoclean pouches which are made from 35% limestone. This means less plastic content and the lightweight packaging means they take less energy to produce. It also retains a greater flavour in our products, thanks to the natural composition of the packaging. Once empty, the eco-friendly pouches can first be burnt safely or returned to landfill to breakdown.

The key ‘win’ is that BDD start with a ‘reduced’ packaging footprint, which naturally means minimum waste.

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