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Rice - Biodynamic brown rain-fed NSW 1kg

Rice - Biodynamic brown rain-fed NSW 1kg

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This biodynamic 100% Rain-fed Rice is grown in Northern NSW purely on rainwater. The Slater family farm is certified biodynamic as well as organic.

Biodynamic farming is an enhanced method of Certified Organic farming that concentrates on enhancing soil, plant, and environmental health and vitality.

This rice does not require irrigation but does require warmth and high summer rainfall to grow, perfect for the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. Absolutely no flood irrigation was used to grow the rice; it is 100% rain fed! Brett grows and processes this 100% rain fed rice using his newly built mill, on his certified Biodynamic farm, eliminating any of those additional food miles!

Until recently, all rice in Australia was grown in 'flood' irrigated paddies. Regular rice farming, according to the CSIRO, requires around 1550L of water to grow just 1kg of rice! With water being such a precious commodity in Australia today, this rice is not just packed full of goodness for us, but is great for our land too.

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