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Rice - Carnaroli Risotto (Italy) 1kg

Rice - Carnaroli Risotto (Italy) 1kg

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The Ferron family grow and process the best risotto rice, chemical-free in the Po Valley in Italy.

I recommend Ferron rice as it has the most fantastic flavour and results in an excellent creamy risotto. It may only need 15 minutes cooking as it absorbs liquid very efficiently.

Ferron Carnaroli super-fine rice is slightly longer and thinner than the other main risotto rice variety, Vialone Nano. It has a mild nutty flavour and a fabulous texture. Carnaroli rice is resistant to over-cooking (which is great news if you are just starting out cooking risotto 🙂).

High in starch short grain risotto rice gives risotto its’ characteristic creaminess. It swells during cooking to absorb large amounts of liquid without breaking or becoming mushy (unless it’s cooked too slowly or overcooked!)

Risotto should be moist and creamy, never sticky and gluey. The centre ‘pearl’ in risotto rice allows this magic to happen. The outer layer of starch cooks quickly and creates the creamy texture of this rice dish whilst the central pearl absorbs liquid and swells.

Long grain rice will not give the same result in risotto due to its’ lower starch content.


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