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Spice Mix - Chinese Five Spice 45gm

Spice Mix - Chinese Five Spice 45gm

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This distinctive blend scented with the aroma of star anise (a spice found in many Chinese recipes), combined with the sweetness of cassia (related to cinnamon) and cloves, the not too fierce bite of pepper and plenty of ground fennel seed to amalgamate the flavours.

Few spice blends are as dominated by one spice as Chinese five-spice is by star anise. I find it quite addictive.


  • Sweet tangy spice profile goes well with fatty meat such as pork and duck and is great with chicken.
  • Add a little salt to the five-spice and use as a dry rub for chicken and pork.
  • Stir-fried vegetables are greatly enhanced by a sprinkling of Chinese five-spice during cooking.

Blended and packed in Australia by Herbies Spices, Sydney NSW and made with local and imported spice.

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