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Spice - Coriander Seed Ground 35gm

Spice - Coriander Seed Ground 35gm

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Herbie's Spices

Use in Indian dishes, put into pickles or grind freshly over chicken and seafood. It's best mate in the kitchen is cumin. These two opposites are often seen together in recipes, balancing each other out with their very different characteristics.

Other Common Names

Leaf - Cilantro, Chinese Parsley, Japanese Parsley. Seed - The seed should always be referred to as Coriander Seed. Botanical Name - (Coriandrum sativum)

Description & Use

Coriander dried seeds are referred to as a spice and have a mild, lemon-like taste that compliments both sweet and savoury dishes. Ground coriander seeds are found in sweet mixed spice blends for cakes and biscuits as well as being used to thicken and flavour curries.

Produce of Australia Packed in Australia.

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