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Spice - Mustard Seed yellow 35gm

Spice - Mustard Seed yellow 35gm

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From Herbies Spices

Many spice blends would be incomplete without this much used and ancient spice. Mustard is an annual herb which has been used since the earliest recorded history. An ingredient in the Indian spice blend ‘panch phora’ and used in many dishes for flavour and appearance. 

This yellow mustard (Brassica alba) is a larger seed than brown mustard and generally has less heat. It is however the traditional ‘condiment’ mustard that graces the tables of the Western world. The heat of mustard develops over time, after coming into contact with cold water which activates the enzyme that makes mustard hot. Thus when used whole, directly into cooking, the flavour impact is greater than the heat, because cooking reduces the heat-creating enzyme. 

Use yellow mustard seed in pickles, relishes and chutneys. Crush and blend with oil and vinegar to make a grainy mustard. Fry in oil at the beginning of making a curry.

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