Southern Forests Agri-Food Tour

Southern Forests Agri-Food Tour

Oh, how I wish I could take everyone to the Southern Forests region on an agri-food tour with us! I’ve lost track of the number of trips we’ve hosted in the past years, but every visit I experience an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, awe, and love for this region and its’ people.

In this food-bowl with its rich soils, surrounded by the protection of majestic Karri tree forests, grows a bountiful variety of fresh produce, above and below the earth.
Autumn is apple season with tree-laden orchards, post-summer hues in stands of Persimmon trees and vineyards. There's the promise of black-gold to be discovered under oak and hazelnut trees in trufferies, as the cool weather brings lower temperatures to the region, after a long hot and dry summer.
The sight of rolling hills dotted with grazing cattle create a sense of peace and connection to the land. Our group, standing within inches of Jersey heifers, strip-grazed on multi-species emerald green grass, kept so by the life-giving waters from Lake Janis, brings a new sense of understanding about what it is to eat ‘good and ethical food’.

Always a highlight of our agri-food tour is introducing, to our groups, the passionate farmers and producers who pour their hearts into cultivating the land and crafting artisanal products.

Their dedication and expertise shine through in every bite of farm-fresh produce, every sip of locally made wine, and the connection they have with the provenance of each ingredient.

As we meet the local community and listen to their stories of resilience and innovation, it becomes clear that the spirit of collaboration and sustainability runs deep in the Southern Forests.

From free-roaming chooks providing the most nutritious  eggs, grass-fed and finished beef and lamb, ethical dairy, fruit and vegetables being grown with care for the health of the consumer and land, to restauranteurs loyal and trusting to local sourcing of food, our tour is a celebration of the interconnectedness between food, culture, and environment.

Journeying through the Southern Forests, I am reminded of the power of food to bring people together, to nourish not only our bodies but also our souls. At the end of every trip, my heart is filled with gratitude for the memories created, the friendships forged, and the profound sense of belonging that lingers long after our tour comes to an end.

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