Christmas Pre-Orders Information


 All pre-order items are marked as such in store.

Pre-orders are being taken now for delivery or pickup on the following dates:

please choose carefully on calendar during checkout
Place Christmas pre-orders and regular weekly grocery orders separately.

 There will be seasonal changes, especially with fresh fruit and vegetables from now until Christmas, so to ensure you receive everything you need please follow these instructions:

  1.  Pre-order meats/seafood/cherries now to be received on dates above.
  2.  In December, place another order to be received on the same date as your   pre-order for all other food.  
  3.  Continue placing regular grocery orders as usual.

CHRISTMAS HAM Pay deposit on pre-order. Balance of payment electronic invoice issued for the exact weight of ham, shortly before chosen date of receival.

CHRISTMAS MEATS Minimum weight advertised. Full payment made on pre-order.

CHERRIES Pay deposit on pre-order – farmers release price of cherries close to harvest. Balance of payment electronic invoice issued shortly before chosen date of receival.

SEAFOOD Exact weight advertised. Full payment on pre-order.

 Any questions please call Anthony on 0409 969 920