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Wine - Pinot Gris - Pemberley Pemberton WA

Wine - Pinot Gris - Pemberley Pemberton WA

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Crisp and crunchy summer pears give way to apple and white currant. This is a silky, textural and pure pinot gris that carries the flavours over the palate and into the finish.

The relatively low alcohol on this wine (11.5%) means that the acidity is bright and fresh. The wine is laced with white summer florals and a suggestion of white pepper. Like all Pemberton whites, this has acidity with fruit concentration.

This wine is made to be consumed in the short term, so enjoy throughout the warmer weather of our Perth summer.

This pretty Pemberton property was first farmed by the Radomiljac family in the 1970s, and later established as a vineyard in 1995 by Monica and David Radomiljac. Along with the next generation, the couple have worked consistently to refine this farming enterprise to ensure they offer the best wine possible.

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