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A Farmers Choice F&V Large Box

A Farmers Choice F&V Large Box

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ManjimupSuitable for a larger family. Add other items or more of what's in the box so there's enough for your family.

Farmers Choice selections are pre-packed in cardboard boxes in Manjimup from farm-gate sourced produce, so contents are unable to be substituted.

NOTE: Plastic liner assists with keeping produce fresh and hydrated. Photo of contents shows a typical selection at this time of year and may vary to weekly list.

Contents of the LARGE box this week

½ Celery
Lettuce iceberg Myalup
1/2 Savoy cabbage Manjimup grower
1& 1/2 kg Dutch cream potatoes Manjimup grower
6 carrots Castro farms Mylup
2 brown onions
1 Zucchini
2 corn
4 round tomatoes
1 continental cucumber Donnybrook grower
4 pink lady rosy glow new season apples Pemberton grower
6 bananas Sweeter banana company
4 hickson mandarins Harvey grower
3 oranges new season late lane roughly 6 to kg Harvey grower
4 new season yellow skin Nectarines Rose bright Local grower
6 apricots Bridgtown grower
1 strawberry 250gr punnet
1 Hass avocado. Manjimup grower
1 red capscium
Punnet new season cherries

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