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Beef Tallow 220gm

Beef Tallow 220gm

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Rendered beef fat from Lake Janis Farm 100% grass-fed Jersey beef.

Rendered beef fat has been used for generations as a cooking oil. It adds an extra level of flavour in cooking.

Lately, studies have shown that natural saturated fats found in beef can actually reduce the risk of heart disease. Recently we've talked to many people who are replacing traditional cooking oils with beef fat as the healthy alternative and have asked us to stock grass-fed beef tallow.

It's a controversial subject, so please carry out your own research. 👍🏼

Made by Rod and his team at RJ's Quality Meats

Is saturated fat unhealthy?

Research indicates that consuming a lot of saturated fat may adversely affect health. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all saturated fats are created equal.

For example, a diet high in saturated fats from fast food, fried products, sugary baked goods, and processed meats is likely to affect your health differently than a diet high in saturated fats from dairy, grass-fed meat, and coconut.

Another problem is focusing solely on macronutrients, rather than the diet as a whole. How saturated fat increases disease risk likely depends on what foods it’s being replaced with, what it’s replacing, and overall diet quality.

One macronutrient can’t be blamed for disease progression. Instead, the diet as a whole is what matters because human diets contain a mixture of macronutrients.

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