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Cheese - Haloumi 200gm

Cheese - Haloumi 200gm

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Haloumi is a white cheese with a slightly rubbery texture - we affectionately call it squeaky cheese! Its wonderful flavour characteristics are only truly realised when it is heated. Fried or grilled, it is also one of the few cheeses that holds its shape when cooked.

The mild flavour of Haloumi is often enhanced with herbs, usually mint. Like Feta, it is a fairly salty cheese as it is stored in brine. Wash and pat dry before frying in olive oil. Serve with a squeeze of lemon to balance the salt. See image. Delish.

Can be crumbed and fried - just be sure to fry over fairly high heat to ensure crumbs colour and crisp up before cheese completely melts inside!

 Made by Harvey Cheese in Wokalup WA from 99% West Australian ingredients.

Ingredients: Milk, non-animal rennet, salt, culture

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