Coffee - Karvan Blend #3

Coffee - Karvan Blend #3

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BLEND # 3 flavour profiles  RICH | WILD | TOFFEE

Fleur and Brad think you’ll love Blend #3 if you love rich, earthy flavours and toffee sweetness. Try it as a long black and be transported to the Sumatran jungle!

A solution for coffee lovers with an automatic coffee machine, cafe style espresso machine or for those who prefer manual brewing methods.

People - Fleur and Brad Cassidy
Business - Leaf Bean Machine Bibra Lake
Purveyors of Fine Tea and Coffee, Wega coffee machines and associated products. Specialising in Ethically sourced and Socially Responsible products.
LBM purpose is to help educate our customers on how to get the best out of their coffee and tea equipment and products. Fleur and Brad believe their business is about nurturing relationships. They aim to earn trust so that customers know they can depend on them.


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