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Coffee - Karvan Blend #4 Most Popular

Coffee - Karvan Blend #4 Most Popular

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BLEND #4 flavour profiles  BOLD | BAKERS COCOA | DARK FRUITS

Blend #4 is one of Perth’s most popular coffee blends and is ideal for your home espresso machine. It's by no means a dark roast but is the darkest roast that we do. This is in order to maintain the fruit characteristics from each origin. It is proven coffee in the market and won a bronze medal at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

This is Karvan’s boldest espresso blend, meaning it is designed to cut through milk to deliver buckets of flavour for your next flat white or cappuccino. The combination of Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Sumatra coffee beans delivers a balanced, full bodied cup. Delicious with flavours of baker’s cocoa, juicy plum and a syrupy date finish.

Do you enjoy coffee with milk and like a coffee that tastes like coffee? Sounds like a silly question but we understand that paying for unsatisfactory coffee can be disappointing. Of course we don’t want that, do we?

People - Fleur and Brad Cassidy

Business - Leaf Bean Machine Bibra Lake
Purveyors of Fine Tea and Coffee, Wega coffee machines and associated products. Specialising in Ethically sourced and Socially Responsible products.
LBM purpose is to help educate our customers on how to get the best out of their coffee and tea equipment and products. Fleur and Brad believe their business is about nurturing relationships. They aim to earn trust so that customers know they can depend on them.

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