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Condiment - Krunchilli WA

Condiment - Krunchilli WA

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Crunchy chilli topping made right here in WA, in Dunsborough.

With the flavours of sesame, garlic, onion and coconut married with the spice of red chilli peppers and the crunch of toasted oats – it’s no secret, Krunchilli is a spice lovers new best friend.

The difference is, that this textural condiment makes so many dishes just that bit more exciting. Don't restrict to Asian style dishes, this is delicious on pastas (try it on top of mac 'n' cheese), with chocolate, in ice cream, with fresh cheese (on Burrata), vegetable soups and eggs, just to name a few ideas. Check out their Instagram page for more ideas and I'll be showing you haw to use it too.

INGREDIENTS: Canola oil (cold pressed), Oats, Chillies (7%), Coconut, Onion, Sesame Seeds, garlic. Contains gluten, sesame and may contain lupin.

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