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Bread - Wholemeal Freo-Sour Loaf

Bread - Wholemeal Freo-Sour Loaf

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Sourced from our friends at Big Loaf Bakery. 

Baked fresh on the same day it'll arrive at your house. Made with WA flour.

Freo Sour is a 100% wholemeal bread made from freshly milled whole wheat, spelt and rye with touch of malted rye for colour and flavour.

Delicious AND healthy, this bread really ticks all the boxes:

✅ Great taste and tender texture
✅ Delicious crust that even kids like
✅ Not heavy
✅ Lasts for ages (wholemeal bread always keeps better)
✅ Local and sustainable - all WA ingredients!
✅ Low GI
✅ High Fibre
✅ Source of prebiotics

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