Coffee - Karvan Blend #5 NEW

Coffee - Karvan Blend #5 NEW

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Blend #5 flavour profiles CHOCOLATE | ROASTED HAZELNUT | VANILLA


Blend #5 is the new kid on the block and we think that you’ll enjoy getting to know this Blend for its Chocolate, Vanilla and Roasted hazelnut in the cup. A versatile espresso that will fit in well at home with all coffee drinkers.

This coffee has a velvety mouthfeel, predominantly chocolate flavours, and a relatively uncomplicated structure. Very smooth, has low acidity and is lovely in milk or with your milk alternative. If you drink your coffee black, then you may experience hints of dried fruit, leaning more toward prunes.

Karvan's latest addition to the core blend range is the new Blend 5. When we say new, what we mean is newly available to purchase for our coffee lovers! We have been serving our Blend 5 in the roastery café and retail space now for the past 6 months, with milk, with alternative milk and as a long black. We have been cupping it, making sure that we get the perfect ratio. Good news! It turns out the perfect mix is Brazil Apua, pulped naturally, and Colombian Popayan, washed.

People - Fleur and Brad Cassidy

Business - Leaf Bean Machine Bibra Lake
Purveyors of Fine Tea and Coffee, Wega coffee machines and associated products. Specialising in Ethically sourced and Socially Responsible products.
LBM purpose is to help educate our customers on how to get the best out of their coffee and tea equipment and products. Fleur and Brad believe their business is about nurturing relationships. They aim to earn trust so that customers know they can depend on them.

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