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Curry Pastes - Laksa 240gm

Curry Pastes - Laksa 240gm

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Vegan Laksa is a plant based take on the classic Malaysian Laksa. It’s an aromatic, spicy and creamy noodle soup that’s filling and comforting – perfect for these cold winter months. Recreate a laksa in the comfort of your home filled with noodles, veggies, protein and top with fresh bean sprouts.

Dollop a few tablespoons of our paste to your favourite fried rice or noodles for an extra flavour kick. Marinade your protein or vegetables for a Malaysian twist or stir through some coconut yoghurt for a delicious dipping sauce.

Add to your pumpkin soup for a spicy kick!

Made by Turban Chopsticks right here in Perth from 76% Australian ingredients

Natural | Gluten Free | Vegan | Nut Free | West Australian made | No nasties!

INGREDIENTS : Tomatoes, Australian canola oil (GMO free), onion, lemongrass, water, garlic, radish, galangal, ginger, salt, raw sugar, chillies, vinegar and turmeric powder

Recipe here for Laksa

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