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Fruit - Feijoas 500gm

Fruit - Feijoas 500gm

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Fresh from our southwest, Feijoas are a relatively new fruit to Western Australia. 

Loved by our New Zealand neighbours you can now find out what all the fuss is about!

The fruit ripens from mid-to late autumn and shows its readiness by falling to the ground from the low-growing bushes. 

Cut in half and scoop out the flesh like you would a Kiwi fruit, or peel and include in an  apple pie or slice. Want more ideas? Do an online search for 'feijoa recipes from New Zealand' and you'll be kept busy for a long time in the kitchen!

Also known as a pineapple guava the flavour can be pleasantly sharp when newly collected, and as it continues to ripen the perfumed flesh becomes sweeter and the flavour softens and becomes rounder. Flavour profiles include guava, pineapple and quince.

Enjoy this nutritious fruit, fresh, when they're in season.

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