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Milk - Farm Fresh Lactose Free 745ml

Milk - Farm Fresh Lactose Free 745ml

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Bannister Downs Dairy - Northcliffe W.A.


Mat and Sue Daubney



For those people wanting to enjoy the flavour of pure, fresh dairy, but may have some intolerance to lactose, we have created a lactose free version of our award winning Farm Fresh (full cream) Milk. 



Lactose intolerance is due to the inability to digest natural milk sugars because of a lack of the gut enzyme lactase.  Fortunately lactose can be removed from milk without impacting the other delicious and nutritious milk qualities. 

We have ‘hydrolysed’ the lactose sugars using a natural lactase yeast enzyme, which converts lactose to glucose and galactose.  Both glucose and galactose are more sweet than lactose, which does make our lactose free milk a little sweeter than regular milk.

Enjoy your next coffee, bowl of cereal or milkshake without the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance

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