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Nuts - WA Walnuts 250gm

Nuts - WA Walnuts 250gm

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Crunchy, sweet and creamy, Omega walnuts are some of the finest quality nuts you’ll find (and you'll certainly taste the difference being grown locally).

Store in freezer for up to 3 months.

Award winning walnuts produced on one of Australia's six largest walnut orchards and processing centres on a one-hundred hectare property in Manjimup with a total of 60 hectares of walnut tree plantation. 

Packed full of omega goodness, these fresh walnuts are grown sustainably and with the upmost care to preserve the precious omega oils.

Like all other products of nature, only nurturing of the soils with the right balances of inputs, together with astute husbandry of the trees and meticulous processing, will produce the best quality and freshest walnuts. Owner David Williams along with his farm manager have created a brilliant business with wide reaching benefits to us and the environment.

There are few products on the planet with better ratios of Omega 3 and 6, but to retain these delicate and beneficial oils, care is needed to preserve the protective pellicle (skin or membrane) of the kernel.

The unique cracking process at Omega Walnuts processing plant on site, ensures minimal damage to this pellicle and thereby retaining precious oils. The benefit of Omega antioxidant oils to our heart, brain and general well-being is well documented (see some research articles under our ’Health’ section). And that is why Omega Walnuts works hard to ensure you get the most out of each and every nut. Not only that, but the preservation of the oils ensure a rich creamy taste.

Twice winning the prestigious WA Delicious Award voted on by Chefs is testimony to the quality of Omega Walnuts.

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