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Fruit - Pears Corella 1kg

Fruit - Pears Corella 1kg

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Grower - Sam Liccardello Donnybrook

A Corella pear with its' rosy blush and smallish size is a perfect pear to include in a salad. Team with something salty, think prosciutto or cheese to balance and compliment the sweetness. Dress salad with a vinaigrette to add sharp profile and add plenty of green leaves. Pears and Walnuts are best mates too. Deelish!

Store in fridge for longer life.

Can be eaten when firm or left at room temperature for a couple of days to soften. 


Cut whole pear horizontally into slices and re-construct, for a cheeseboard.

Finely dice or cut into thin wedges for salads.

If over ripe, simply bake into muffins, pies and cakes, or toss in hot pan with a knob of butter to lightly colour, throw in a handful of light soft brown sugar to make a quick caramel sauce (a spot of vanilla wouldn't go astray here). Serve with a dollop of Greek Yoghurt or a scoop of ice cream or gelato.

Cut three-quarters in half, keeping intact and secured together to keep flesh from oxidating, and pop in lunch box. When ready to eat, twist to break in half - it's easier to take bites of half a pear!

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