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Juice - Beetroot & Carrot Beta-C

Juice - Beetroot & Carrot Beta-C

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Our wonderful Beetroots are a superfood.  This juice gets its rich deep iridescent burgundy colour from the beetroots, inviting you to sample this powerful juice.

Being high in nitrates helps blood flow and as a blood purifier.  It also Boosts your stamina and iron levels. High in A, C, and B vitamins with a vast array of nutrients.  Besides stimulating red cell production, beetroot is excellent for removing toxins from the circulation.

Carrots in this juice give you the added benefits of carotene improving digestion, boosting immunity, and aiding vision. With high levels of A, C, D, and K vitamins, and minerals with the cleansing power of fibre.  Added lemon provides extra Alkalising qualities with apple juice providing that extra smooth taste.

Colour - Burgundy, Taste - Raspberry, Grown - locally, Zero Waste.

*Beetroot Beta-C

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