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Juice - Passionfruit Halo

Juice - Passionfruit Halo

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The active ingredient of this juice is passion fruit.  Passion fruit has many important health benefits.  Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, B3 and anti-oxidants.  Also the passion fruit pulp contains 8% of your (RDI) of vitamin A.  They are also rich in Beta Cryptoxanthin and Alpha-Carotene which boots your immune system.  Also rich in Iron which increases your haemoglobin in your red blood cells.  Combined with the rich Vitamin C levels of orange and the alkalizing effects of Watermelon this juice really packs a punch.

Colour - light orange, Taste - strong passionfruit, Locally grown orange and watermelon, Zero waste.

* Passionfruit Halo

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