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Juice - Wheatgrass Green Elixir

Juice - Wheatgrass Green Elixir

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Natures finest medicine, wheatgrass is perhaps the most nutritious and cleansing juice there is.  Our home grown biodynamic wheatgrass is just that, very special.  Our fresh crushed Wheatgrass is easily digested when combined with the refreshing flavours of lime, apple, and mint. Its nutrients and enzymes are quickly absorbed into the blood stream providing an instant boost of energy and nourishment.  Another key ingredient in this powerful elixir is the power of spirulina. Our fresh spirulina has a massive 10% protein and large amounts of calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper and magnesium.  Protein is required for every cell in the body every day to maintain your health.  However the body can’t store protein so its vital to have this regular supply of bio available protein. With the added benefits of Granny Smith apple juice, mint, and alkalizing lime.  This is juice is perhaps a true Elixir.   

Colour - dark green, taste - mild apple and lime, Grown - locally, Zero waste.

* Wheatgrass Green Elixir

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