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Veg - Radish red bunch

Veg - Radish red bunch

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Adding a refreshing crunch to salads and grazing boards. Grown in WA.

Remove leaves and stalks and store radishes immersed in water in refrigerator.


Thinly slice 200gm radishes using a mandolin.
Meanwhile, boil the kettle.
Place a half a teaspoon salt flakes (quarter tsp granules) in a bowl with 1 tablespoon caster sugar. Pour over 60ml just boiled water and stir to dissolve solids.
Add 60ml apple cider vinegar and stir.
Add radish and immerse as much as possible. Move radish around to coat them with the liquid and after 30 minutes they should be ready to eat.

TIP: Increase pickling liquid by doubling (or more) all ingredients to pickle a larger quantity.

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