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Rice Kit - Royal Festival Biryani Rice

Rice Kit - Royal Festival Biryani Rice

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Get ready to be transformed to the aromas, taste and flavours of real India with Turban Chopsticks best selling Royal Festival Biryani.

Feeds 3 to 4 people. Ready in 20 minutes.

Made with herbs and spices - including fried shallots, cassia stick, bay leaves, salt and more - and mixed with plump Australian sultanas, roasted cashews and shallots, this Biryani meal kit is a perfect dish to have on its own or mixed with your favourite meat, vegetables or eggs.

Simply empty all ingredients into one pot to create a wonderful meal or side dish, and enjoy the aromatic flavours of India in the setting of your family and home dining.

INGREDIENTS : Basmati rice (65%), Australian natural sultanas, roasted cashews, fried shallots (vegetable oil), cassia stick, spices, red lentils and black pepper, salt and bay leaves. ALLERGENS: Cashews

Ingredients made on production line that also produces products containing nuts, spices, soy and lentils.


Recipe here 

TIP: Do not stir rice when cooked, as rice grains will break. Cook spices over low heat as they can burn easily. Have all ingredients prepared and ready for cooking. Add fresh chilli for an extra kick!

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