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Fish - Smoked salmon Tassal 1kg Superior Gold

Fish - Smoked salmon Tassal 1kg Superior Gold

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Everything about Superior Gold Salmon is superiorly fashioned. From its environment, to the care and passion with which it's created. Hand selected and raised in the pristine waters of Tasmania, Superior Gold is developed under the guidance of our meticulous Smoke Master. With indulgence in mind, Superior Gold is cured for longer in a rare combination of raw, golden Bundaberg sugar and Australian sea salt.

It is then twice smoked in order to obtain its sophisticated and sublime flavour.
To experience Superior Gold salmon is to understand truly; there's salmon and then there's superior salmon.

Superior Gold Tassal Tasmanian Smoked Salmon side comes frozen for convenience. 

A portion can be easily removed from the pack once semi-defrosted in fridge for a few hours. It's safe to then pop the remaining salmon back in the freezer for next time. 


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