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Spice - Cumin Seed Whole 45gm

Spice - Cumin Seed Whole 45gm

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Herbies Spices, Sydney.

The seed of a small annual plant that looks similar to fennel when growing. Native to the Mediterranean and known for its characteristic ‘curry-like’ flavour.

Features in Moroccan recipes, although often in smaller quantities than in Indian recipes.

Ground cumin seeds are also an important ingredient in Mexican chilli powder, along with chilli and paprika.

Whole cumin seeds will retain their flavour quite well, however when ground be sure to store carefully in Herbie’s pouch. Good quality ground cumin seeds should be khaki in colour and the powder has an ‘oily’ feel.

Due to the relatively high oil content, ground cumin can be dry roasted in a pan quite easily and without burning.

Product of India

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