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Spice Mix - Za'atar 55gm

Spice Mix - Za'atar 55gm

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My mum says Za'atar has taken her roast chicken and lamb 'next level'! She simply scatters it on the meat with olive oil and a touch more salt (it already has salt in the mix), and as the meat is based during cooking, the flavours of the mix run into the juices and make stunning gravy.

Middle Eastern blend, Za'atar consists of Sumac, a purple berry with a pleasantly sour, citrus flavour, sesame seeds and oregano.

Brush flatbread with olive oil and top with Za'atar and warm in the oven, make a middle eastern style garlic bread by brushing thick slices of white sourdough with garlic infused olive oil, sprinkle with Za'atar and grill on ribbed hotplate or BBQ over coals. Simply season chicken breast or thighs with Za'atar and pan fry. Add to vinaigrette for a lovely flavour on salads.

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