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Spice - Nigella Seed Whole 50gm

Spice - Nigella Seed Whole 50gm

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Herbie's Spices

Sometimes incorrectly called ‘black cumin seed’ and ‘onion seed’ nigella compliments carbohydrates - try adding to homemade breads or crackers. They contribute to Turkish Bread's pleasing flavour.

Other Common Names

Kolonji, Charnuska, Love-in-a-Mist, Black Onion Seed. This is also often incorrectly called black cumin seed. Botanical Name: (Nigella sativa)

Description & Use

These small, very black seeds have no noticeable aroma and an agreeable, slightly sharp, almost metallic taste. They are seen on Turkish bread, and along with the other spices in Panch Phora, and compliment almost all carbohydrates. 

Produce of India packed in Australia.

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