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Tea - Perth Breakfast blend - 125gm loose leaf tea

Tea - Perth Breakfast blend - 125gm loose leaf tea

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Popular black tea and Australian lemon myrtle blend.

A large-leaf tea with a super clean and crisp flavour in the cup.  Reminiscent of the backyard lemon tree (more so on the second cup as the lemon has more time to infuse).

Pure Tea - PERTH BREAKFAST - LOOSE TEA (Tea Bags coming soon)
Ingredients - Black tea (Camellia Sinensis) Australian Lemon Myrtle
Tasting and Brewing - see below
Supplier - Fleur and Brad Cassidy
Business - Leaf Bean Machine Bibra Lake
Purveyors of Fine Tea and Coffee, Wega coffee machines and associated products. Specialising in Ethically sourced and Socially Responsible products.
LBM purpose is to help educate our customers on how to get the best out of their coffee and tea equipment and products. Fleur and Brad believe their business is about nurturing relationships. They aim to earn trust so that customers know they can depend on them.

Tasting and Brewing Notes
A large leaf tea with a super clean and crisp flavour in the cup - unique to and quintessentially Perth. A scent and flavour reminiscent of the ubiquitous lemon trees found in suburban backyards.

Teas imported from India and Sri Lanka are blended to create this premium quality breakfast tea.

For your enjoyment, we recommend brewing your black loose leaf tea using the following recipe:

2.5g (1 teaspoon) of loose leaf tea
240ml filtered water, ideally at 100 degrees C
Steep for 2 to 3 minutes or longer if you enjoy a bolder flavour
Remove leaves to prevent further steeping

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