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Cheese - OMG Triple Cream White Mould 150gm Camembert style

Cheese - OMG Triple Cream White Mould 150gm Camembert style

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OMG! cheese is a sumptuous triple cream white mould cheese is made by a similar process to a Camembert, but with the additional cream to the cheese-milk to enrich the texture and flavour. OMG will be your reaction at the very first bite. The rind is white when young, maturing to a straw colour when fully ripened. As with all cheeses, it should be allowed to come to room temperature for 30 to 60 minutes before eating.

The cheese texture changes over a 6 week period, going from a firm chalky texture to a soft gooey texture by the 6th week, which is usually coming up to the best before date. People who like a strong flavour can eat this after the best before date. We like it about a week before the best before date for the oozy texture and subtle savoury flavours. Eat how you like it!

99% West Australian ingredients. Made by Harvey Cheese in Wokalup WA.

Ingredients: milk, cream, non-animal rennet, salt, culture

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