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Vinegar - Windfall Cider Apple 750ml Denmark WA

Vinegar - Windfall Cider Apple 750ml Denmark WA

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Denmark Heritage Cider Co.'s vinegars taste completely different to anything else on the market. Crafted from whole windfall fruit, this vinegar delivers a balanced delicious fruity flavour, with honey undertones - it has a rounded sweet and sour finish with none of the bitterness that can be found in other brands. 

  • Cold fermented natural vinegar.
  • 6 months of natural yeast (anaerobic) ferment.
  • 30 months natural (aerobic) “mother” ferment, exposed to pristine Great Southern air.

Stuart Douglas owner of DHCCo, explains "Most other companies call their vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar, and it is made with eating apples. But our product is Cider Apple Vinegar as it's made with cider apples 

Five key differences making this vinegar different...

  1. Cider apples deliver cider with much more fruit flavour than eating apples.
  2. Cider made from Cider Apples contains less bitter acids than cider made from Eating Apples.
  3. When the cider is converted to vinegar any feeble eating apple flavours are lost, swamped by tasteless bitter acids.
  4. Our ciders are rich in Acetic Acid, which we can taste and smell and know as vinegar. Bitter acids are absent so there is just fruit and sweet vinegar.
  5. It takes us three years using the cold ferment process to produce the deep flavours that characterise our vinegars. Many other vinegars are made in a matter of days using the hot process.
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