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You can now learn online and unleash your culinary genius with clever kitchen advice, delicious fresh recipes and our trusted cooking school teaching.

Whether you’re new to the kitchen and looking to learn, perhaps a reluctant cook who finds dishing up daily meals a bit of a chore or you simply love cooking, this entertaining resource will provide endless inspiration and reliable guidance. 

Click on the play button to watch our explanatory video and read your options for learning below. 

We look forward to assisting you in your kitchen. Build on your culinary knowledge at your own pace and enjoy delicious new recipes for variety and excitement…are you ready to put your apron on!


The Cooks Collective Tracey

“I feel I must tell you that The Cooks Collective is one of the best subscriptions I have joined! The content is amazing and offers great value for money. Thanks!”


“I’m so excited to have ‘The Cooks Collective’ next to me on my screen. It’s like I’m right there with you in your kitchen experiencing your energy and creativity.”


“I really enjoy the online lessons, they’re always interesting and I love to have a giggle at the commentary from Tracey, she is very entertaining. Much better than watching TV!”


Choose from The Complete Cook or The Rookie Cook subscription
and pay monthly or annually.


  • The Complete Cook
  • The Rookie Cook

Spanish Tapas, Essential Knife Skills, Exceedingly Good Pies & Tarts and Intoxicating Thai are a few titles from the collection of over 40 cooking classes designed and taught at Matters of Taste.  Brimming with amazing cuisines and techniques, you’ll be looking here when you want to learn!

A new Cooking Class will be available each month. A foundation video will introduce you to ingredients and equipment, then at your own pace I’ll lead you through each recipe, step by step, cooking from scratch to create tasty dishes that have proved to be so popular with our clients at the school.


  • The Complete Cook
  • The Rookie Cook

How do I tell when my steak is done? How do I make sure my roast potatoes are crispy and golden? How do I season correctly to make my cooking taste better?

Many home cooks have questions that aren’t covered in a recipe – answers to these are essential to provide you with a result that is edible! 

Tutorial cooking class videos that make up the KISS section give you visual and verbal instructions that are easily understood plus a re-cap list of core fundamentals. With no formal recipes in this section, the value is in learning the bounty of practical How-To’s. 


  • The Complete Cook
  • The Rookie Cook

We all have to eat every day and sometimes it can become a bit of a chore to cook.  We can assist with solving your dinner-dilemmas or finding a new and exciting recipe to put on the dinner table.

Personal favourites of our chef teachers, these recipes are all accompanied by video tutorials. Browse through the ever-growing selection or search by a specific ingredient you have on hand and keep the recipes you’ve cooked and enjoyed in your  ‘Favourites’ section. You’ll build up a quick reference to confer with time and time again, like a reliable friend.


  • The Complete Cook
  • The Rookie Cook

Quick wins and hacks in the kitchen are found in this area.

Complementing the cooking classes and weekly meals video teaching, they add value and kitchen know-how to increase confidence and speed during cooking. Learning these small tips soon add up and your culinary genius will be chomping at the bit to be unleashed!

Being a team of professional chef’s who are also mums, partners and enjoy full time careers, we know what works in a home kitchen.

Short instructional videos to assist with your first look around or buying for a gift.

Give twelve months of cooking inspiration as a gift
with an online subscription to The Cooks Collective.

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The Complete Cook

$98/year or $12/month

Access to the following areas :

  • Online Cooking Classes
  • KISS
  • Mid-Week Recipes
  • Kitchen Tip Videos

The Rookie Cook

$48/year or $8/month

Access to the following areas :

  • KISS
  • Mid-Week Recipes
  • Kitchen Tip Videos
  The Complete Cook - Yearly  —  $98.00 / year
  The Complete Cook - Monthly  —  $12.00 / month
  The Rookie Cook - Yearly  —  $48.00 / year
  The Rookie Cook - Monthly  —  $8.00 / month

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We hope you enjoy the dishes you create from our recipes and teaching on The Cooks Collective. Thank you.

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Tracey Cotterell


Tracey has been in the food industry since completing her Diploma in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management in 1982 in the UK. She worked for an outside catering company in London, then joined her parents in rural West Sussex running

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Tracey Cotterell


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